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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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Of ttie four elements of the devil and of the dark
world; how we shall know them in this outer
1.  The first element of the dark world and of the
devil is pride, the second covetousness, the third
envy, the fourth anger.    These four elements are
everlastingly hatching a young son, who is called
Falsehood.    This son is also a true son of the
corrupt Adam, whom he left behind him to be a
lord of the world.    He has become king in the
world, and has possessed the whole world,  and
rules everywhere in the third principle.    Whoever
rightly knows this king, knows the four elements
of the devil;   for in the dark world these four
elements have entire dominion in spirit and body,
and in all that is called being.
2.  And we see hereby clearly that this world
rests upon the foundation of these four elements,
and receives from them tendency, quality and will.
For the son of these four elements rules on earth ;
he will have all obedient under him, and has four
different races of his subjects.    (1) The race of
pride, which will be above all other, and will put
itself on  a  level  with  none.    (2)   The   race  of
covetousness, which will alone possess all, subdue all
under it, and will have all.   This second race is the
son of the first, for pride will also have all, that
it alone may be all.   (3) The third race is envy,